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Why does LEADER Consulting Solutions focus on improving employee disengagement?

So people and the organizations they serve can reap the benefits of high employee engagement and avoid the negative impact of employee disengagement. For example...

Companies with highly engaged employees experience:


higher than average shareholder return.

Companies with low employee engagement experience:

Checkout the business benefits for building employee engagement in your organization...

- 44%
lower than average shareholder return.

Benefits Organizations Ranking in the 25% of Employee Engagement Reap!

The Problem of Employee Disengagement and Negative Impact on People and Organizations

“Stress is so prevalent and out of control, the United Nations calls stress the 21st century health epidemic.” 
(Robinson, 2013, p. 5)

Close to the new millennium quarter century mark, organizations are still relying on 20th century management practices. It is time for enlightened leadership best practices to become common practice... the formula for reversing employee disengagement trends.



​Considering the people and business benefits resulting from engaged organizations, we believe it is a business and social imperative to create cultures that reverse the employee disengagement trend. 


Employee disengagement results in workplace negativity, reduced productivity, increased stress and health-related problems. We are constantly asked to do more… better… faster… yet with less time and resources. Kaiser Permanente Reports:

  • 80% of employees are stressed at work.

  • 42% of employees have left a job due to stress.

  • Workplace stress estimated at $ 300 billion annually.

       (Stress Management, 2018, p. 1)

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