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Tom Norris, President LEADER Consulting Solutions

Tom Norris is passionate about helping people discover the leader within and sharpen the leadership skills needed to inspire professionals and teams to exceed performance expectations.  

As a leadership coach, instructor, facilitator, and educator, his expertise includes translating corporate goals into effective professional development programs.

Employee Engagement, Productivity and Profit. With the current level of employee disengagement at 67% resulting in a cost of over $ 600 billion dollars in waste to the U.S. economy, Tom is committed to helping reverse this trend. Why?  Organizations with high levels of employee engagement outperformed the total stock market index even in volatile economic times.

1.)  Shareholder return for companies with highly engaged employees: 19% higher than the average total          shareholder return.

2.)  Shareholder return with low employee engagement: 44% lower than the average.
Source: Engagement Research, Hewitt Associates

Leadership and the new workforce.

Developing leaders who inspire, demonstrate cooperation, and create a climate for motivation is the model for new millennium leadership.   


Why?  Research shows that leadership best practices that engage employees increase productivity, reduce turnover, carry over to effective project management, and client satisfaction, the secret to gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage in the new millennium.

Academic credentials

Tom’s education includes an MS in Organizational Development from Loyola University Chicago and a BS in Psychology from Cal State San Bernardino. He has certificates from the executive education program at Harvard’s Teaching Negotiations in the Corporation and The University of Virginia Darden Business School’s Leadership Development Program.


In addition to his consulting work, Tom teaches at Brandman University | Chapman University System in the Organizational Leadership program. Additionally, he is a academic staff member for the American Management Association.


25 years in leadership, training & organizational development

Over the course of Tom’s career, he has worked with organizations to change the organizational dynamics from adversarial interactions to trusted long-term business partnerships. 

Consultative Selling Skills. Before starting LEAD Consulting Solutions, Tom led the training initiatives to transform the Wonderful brands sales organization into one recognized by the industry as valued consultants and partners. This was accomplished by helping customers achieve their performance measurements, such as increased profit dollars, profit per square foot, and sales volume.  Having expanded consultative selling skills throughout North America, the sales organization focused on meeting customer needs and building trusting relationships.  Shipments in their distribution channel in the U.S. and Canada doubled from 20 million to 40 million pounds in four years.

Cross-functional teams. Tom has helped organizations develop collaboration between functions traditionally in conflict.  By building cross-functional business teams, the organization’s functions (marketing, sales, finance, IT, planning, research and development…) are aligned towards a common goal.  And, people within the organization learn to work as a high performing teams with common purpose, clear roles, accepted leadership, effective processes, solid relationships, and excellent communications.  Results?  Two organizations served by Tom in building cross functional business teams successfully achieved the number 1 market share for the business categories in which they competed.

Leadership coaching. Tom has introduced leadership coaching training in fast-paced businesses where no previous management and leadership training existed.  The results? Driving responsibility closer to the customer; developing employee ownership of decision- making, and serving the needs of the customers on-the-spot; holding yourself and others accountable for results, and creating an environment that promotes high performance and enthusiasm for project success.


Fact-based presentations and negotiations. To improve organizations’ ability to win in the ever-competitive market place, Tom has helped organizations improve client presentations as well as those in public forums through the persuasive use of facts and quality of presentation delivery. 

Using a similar approach, he has helped organizations develop negotiation strategies to create business agreements that move beyond win – lose, lose – win, lose – lose, or compromise, to mutually beneficial agreements and long-term business agreements.

​Other career highlights.

  • For a global leadership organization comprised of company presidents, developed a leadership development program for leaders exiting their elected terms as regional officers to increase their successor’s speed to proficiency using leadership coaching skills.

  • Identified the need for a comprehensive Leadership Development Program for AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah; designed, developed and deployed a management and leadership development program for current and aspiring leaderships.

  • For L’Oréal USA, created an organizational design and implementation plans to transform company from functional structure to cross-functional/matrix structure, enabling company to respond with agility to changing market forces.

  • Skilled using psychometric assessments and the interpretation of traits, motives and competencies for leadership development. A Certified Business Partner for Caliper and the use of the Caliper Profile and Caliper 360 Plus.

  • Certified on the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes Instrument, and Personal DISCernment Inventory.

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