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Leadership, Career, and Life Coaching

In today’s society, people are facing more challenges in leadership roles as well as work-life balance; increasing stress levels and less time for what is most important in their lives. 


According to Gary Collins (2002), author of Christian Coaching, Helping Others Turn Potential Into Reality:

People need help managing their lives and careers. Some already use coaches to improve their games of tennis, golf, investing, or money management.  Coaching can help people make decisions, evaluate their lifestyles, build new boundaries into their daily routines, reconnect with God, and feel hope again. There can hardly be a more needed service in our culture today or a more critical ministry for the church. (Collings, 2002, p. 45)

The benefits of coaching are many:

  • 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence;

  • over 70% benefit from improved work;

  • performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills;

  • 80% of leaders state coaching would help manage stress.” (Baltes, Campbell, Martin, & Medding, 2007, p. 3);

  • 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.(source: ICF 2009).

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Make Leadership Best Practices Common Practice and Highly Engaged Employees the Norm


The Problem

Research concludes:

  • 67% of employees are disengaged at work.

  • costing the U.S. Economy over $ 600 billion dollars annually.  

  • the very practice of management no longer works.

  • the old ways — annual reviews, forced rankings, outdated competencies — no longer achieve the intended results. 

  • Close to the millennium quarter century mark and are still relying on 20th century management principles.
    ("Gallup, State of the Workplace," 2017, p. 2)

The Opportunity

Grow Your Organization's Leaders, Build High Employee Engagement and
Reap the Benefits for Your People, Stakeholders and Bottom Line!

  • Research clearly demonstrates effective leadership behaviors are learned:


People can be taught and learn effective leadership behaviors, dispelling the myth that leadership is
reserved for the executive suite and for the charismatic few. For more than 30 years, research has shown

that ordinary people can learn to get extraordinary things done. Leadership is for the many, not the few.

(Kouzes & Posner, 2001, p.5)

  • How effective leaders build employee engagement:

    • exemplifying desired organizational values and behaviors

    • inspiring a shared vision across the organization's members

    • challenging the status quo and fostering innovation

    • empowering team members to take action

    • recognizing people for their competence and accomplishments

    • celebrating organization, team and individual accomplishments

    • Treating people with respect and dignity

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