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Leadership, Career and Life Coaching

Our Purpose… Our Goal

Our focus is to help people discover the purpose for their lives, craft their vision, and chart their course moving forward. This is a challenge because we face extraordinary obstacles in our lives concerning leadership, career and leading a fulfilling life. Having less discretionary time is now the norm, while increased levels of stress seem unavoidable.


This is especially true in the workplace where multiple studies point to a growing demotivated workforce where job satisfaction and work-life balance seem unattainable. 


Our goal is to help everyone:

  • Assess where they are currently

  • Discover their life’s purpose

  • Connect with your passions & core values

  • Explore future options

  • Take action

Our expertise includes building people, while building the organization’s business; developing highly engaged professionals, leaders, and team members capable of supporting corporate strategy and goals, while building constructive organizational cultures.


Why is Coaching is Important

The pace of life is causing us to question leadership, life, and career.

  • We find ourselves in seasons where we are searching for a more fulfilling life.

  • Workplace demands to do more with less is causing us to rethink our careers and work-life balance.


Employee disengagement results in workplace negativity, reduced productivity, increased stress and health-related problems. We are constantly asked to do more… better… faster… yet with less time and resources.

  • “Stress is so prevalent and out of control, the United Nations calls stress the 21st century health epidemic.”  (Robinson, 2013, p. 5)

  • “80% of leaders state coaching would help manage stress.”  (Baltes, Campbell, Martin, & Medding, 2007, p. 3)


 The fast-paced nature of our lives and careers dictates that disruption is here to stay. Whether we are struggling as a leader or dealing with an ineffective leader at work, coping with life’s challenges or a season of restlessness, coaching will help you discover your passions, create your vision and purpose, and chart your course forward.