Building High Performing Teams

Change organizational dynamics from adversarial interactions to trusted long-term internal and external business partnerships. 


Because of the interdependent nature of how work gets done in today’s workplace, organizations able to create effective work teams gain a competitive advantage.

Reliable assessment tools are used to identify how effectively teams are working together. 


By building awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, members develop strategies to grow into high performing teams.


A successful organization depends on the willingness and ability of

its people to cooperate and work effectively together.


LEAD Consulting Solutions helps organizations learn how to encourage,

support and reward the skills and behaviors that enable effective teamwork.


We work to develop the skills and values of high performing teams…

effective group process and decision-making, problem solving and

communication skills. 


LEAD Consulting Solutions helps teams develops in two ways:

  • First, by assessing the effectiveness of how teams members

  • currently work together

  • Then, by building knowledge & skills to build high performance teams



LEAD Consulting Solutions uses valid and reliable assessment tools to

help teams identify how effectively they are currently working together. 

By building the teams collective awareness of their strengths and

weaknesses, they develop strategies to grow into high performing teams.


Team assessment tools help to identify development needs in the areas of

group dynamics, knowledge and team skill sets.


Group Dynamics — Building awareness of group dynamics helps the team answer

three critical questions:

  1. How effectively they are working together?

  2. What behaviors need to be changed?

  3. What behaviors should be strengthened?


This is accomplished using team and business simulations and real world problems and situations to:

Understand and appreciate individual differences

The effect of group dynamics on the ability to work effectively together


Knowledge and Skill Assessment — Providing teams with insight into their level of team development enables them to compare their effectiveness to best practices in team work; as a result, teams can:

  1. Assess their current level of effectiveness and their current stage of team development

  2. Develop the mindset, beliefs and values that will motivate individual team members to chose to cooperate and work effectively together

  3. Build strategies to learn new skill sets and enhance existing skills that will help them to work to their full potential

  4. Apply best practices of high performing teams to ensure they are operating at peak levels of team performance


Knowledge and Skill  — Peak team performance results when two essential ingredients are maximized — the willingness to work as a team and the ability to work as a team.  LEAD Consulting Solutions helps teams build on insight gained from their team assessment work and develop core team skills that enable peak team performance.


The following are workshop outlines for team skills taught by LEAD Consulting Solutions in CREATING Dialogue and MINING THE COLLECTIVE IQ OF TEAMS.  Upon completion of this workshop,  learners will be able to:

  1. Define a team

  2. Build the characteristics of a high performing teams into your teamwork

  3. Develop clear mission & goals

  4. Apply the principles of accepted leadership

  5. Define clear roles and accountability

  6. Manage people, processes & tasks

  7. Build cohesion, trust, & relationships within the team

  8. Use excellent communications to mine the team's collective intelligence

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